Are you looking for natural, effective, professional-quality products to get a nice tanned-looking complexion all year round? Discover the range of Organic self-tanners for the body and face from PHYT’S Laboratories. Whatever your skin type, our natural self-tanners are developed with care and suited to your skin.


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Natural Self-Tanners for the Body and Face

Explore our line of Organic self-tanning products

Our range of Organic self-tanners has been developed to offer you the perfect tan, adapted to your skin’s natural pigmentation. In addition to an immediate healthy glow effect, our self-tanning creams offer your skin intense hydration.

  • Our Voile Doré Self-Tanner adorns the skin with a natural, golden and gradual tan. Its melting formula allows an even result and offers your skin the desired complexion. Thanks to its moisturizing active ingredients, your skin is comfortable and deeply hydrated. This Organic self-tanner is ideal for daily use and perfectly suited to both the body and face.
  • Our Bronz’Activ Tan Activator Milk is ideal for preparing your skin for sun exposure before the summer. It naturally stimulates melanin production without UV rays thanks to Pea extract, which is proven effective. Its formula naturally activates the skin’s ability to tan. This lets you achieve a beautiful golden tan more quickly. In addition, it allows the skin to be better protected from the first sun exposure.

PHYT’S Laboratories : our Organic commitment

PHYT’S Laboratories is committed to offering you effective, professional-quality, and natural products. Our Organic self-taning products are entirely made of natural ingredients. Plus, they are Vegan and certified Organic. Explore our full range of Organic sun care products to prepare and effectively protect your skin from the sun!