Want a sublime, irresistible look without harming your skin? Show off your beauty with an iridescent, pearly, or glittery Organic eyeshadow, with a rich color and a silky texture made for all skin types. Natural beauty enhancement or intense makeup for a night out? There is an Organic eyeshadow option for every mood and inspiration of the moment.


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100% Natural & Organic Eyeshadows

A wide range of Organic eyeshadows

Discover our wide range of eyeshadows with light, silky textures, and beautiful colors for sublime makeup day and night, and made with 100% natural ingredients. From pressed powder to loose powder eyeshadows, all your desires can be fulfilled.

Do you prefer neutral shades? No problem, we provide Organic beauty products in any colors, for everyday looks.

As always, our cosmetics are formulated with 100%-natural and certified-Organic ingredients.

How to apply your Organic eyeshadow?

For successful eye makeup, it’s best to start by applying a makeup base to the entire eyelid. Our PHYT’S Shadow Primer is perfect for this!

Apply your eyeshadow, then work it with care with the help of a brush or your fingers. Of course, a brush makes the application easier, for a precise and natural finish of the shadows.

Tip for your beauty routine: For successful makeup, apply the lighter colors to the upper eyelid, extending toward the temples. To brighten the look, apply a light iridescent shade to the inner corner of the eye and under the brow bone. Then, apply the darkest shade along the upper eyelashes and to the hollow of the brow bone to shade the eyes. You can select the best colors according to your skin tone and your preferences.

For an enhanced complexion and skin with natural ingredients, you can also check out our Organic face makeup.