Are you looking for Organic and 100%-natural eye makeup? PHYT’S Laboratories offers you a wide range of natural eye makeup to highlight your look and your features! Offer a touch of enchanting or discreet colour to your look, mark out your features with lightness, or enhance your natural colour with our Organic eye shadows, eye pencils, or mascaras! Discover a full and responsible selection of cosmetics to accompany your daily beauty ritual.

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Reveal the natural beauty of your eyes

Are you a fan of natural and simple eye makeup, or do you like to make your eyes sparkle with a touch of pronounced colour? We offer you everything you need to highlight your eyes in a thousand and one ways: eye shadow, eyeliner, eyebrow shadow, pencils, mascara, concealer or eye shadow primer.

In addition, discover our professional and Organic eye makeup tools: our eyebrow duo, eye shadow, and foam applicator brushes.

Natural makeup for a sparkling and committed look

All our makeup products are certified-organic and designed by our experts in the Laboratory. You will only find simple and healthy ingredients in them. Our range of professional natural makeup is plant-based and made from organically grown ingredients containing:

  • Mineral pigments
  • Vitamin E
  • Bioactive essential oils

In addition, we make a point of respecting our commitments and adopting an eco-friendly approach, for cosmetics that are respectful of both your skin and the environment! Explore our range of colours and our selection of Organic eye makeup to honour the natural beauty of your look!