With their range of natural and certified-Organic lipsticks, PHYT’S Laboratories adorn your lips with sublime and vibrant colors, for a naturally drawn mouth. Discover a rich palette of shades that adapt to all your desires, in a 100%-natural formula that respects you and the environment.

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Certified-Organic lipsticks to enhance your smile naturally

A symbol of femininity, our natural and Organic lipsticks dress up your lips with a delicate color to highlight your beauty and illuminate your complexion. Pink lipstick for a cheery touch, red lipstick for a glamorous mouth… there’s a color for each of your moods.

With its soft texture and its formula enriched with antioxidant vegetal vitamin E, PHYT’S lipsticks are highly comfortable, all day long. They hydrate your lips, protect them from drying out, and offer them its anti-aging properties.

Natural and Certified-Organic makeup

PHYT’S Laboratories are committed to offering you professional quality products that respect your skin and the environment. Like all our products, our Organic lipsticks are made from 100%-natural ingredients and certified Organic.

Our skincare and makeup products have Cosmebio certification. Not tested on animals, our Organic and natural lip makeup is free of preservatives or chemical ingredients. Our desire: to enhance your beauty naturally, while respecting your health and preserving our beautiful planet.