Are you looking for professional-quality products for your makeup routine? PHYT’S Laboratories offer a range of Organic cosmetics to enhance your beauty naturally. Our 100% natural and Organic eyeliners highlight your features and intensify your look.


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Our range of Certified-Organic Eyeliners

The eyeliner is an essential item to intensify your look. A real calligraphy tool, it highlights your eyes for a natural and sophisticated result. Our certified-Organic eyeliners are available in two shades to satisfy all your desires :

  • Black Organic Eyeliner : The perfect tool to highlight your eyes with a deep black color, and then provide intensity and depth to your look.
  • Brown Organic Eyeliner : The perfect one to envelop your look in a natural and softer enigmatic brown color.

How to apply our eyeliners?

Thanks to their soft and flexible foam tip, our certified-Organic eyeliners offer you a precise, adjustable outline. That way, you can change it up by applying a thin or thicker line, or by fading the line for a mysterious smoky effect.

To intensify your look even more, we also offer you natural and Organic mascaras and eye pencils. Discover our full range of eye makeup. You can beautify your look, while respecting your skin and the environment!

Treat yourself to a certified-Organic beauty routine consisting of 100%-natural ingredients.