Do you want to use products that highlight your lips naturally while respecting your skin and the environment? Discover the range of Organic lip makeup from PHYT’S Laboratories. Our selection of natural lipsticks enhances your features with delicacy and character. Dare to show off a delicate, charming, and irresistible smile!


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Organic Lip Products

The PHYT’S Laboratories guarantee

Sensitive to our environment and the needs of our skin, PHYT’S offers 100%-natural, vegan*, and plant-based products.

Designed in a laboratory, all our Organic cosmetics are guaranteed to be free of preservatives, pesticides, or chemicals. In addition, our professional lip makeup is meticulously tested by our skin care experts.

Finally, our lip pencils, gloss, and lipsticks have the Cosmebio label. Dare to show off a natural femininity and an aesthetic that is as gentle for your skin as it is for the planet!

Natural lip makeup for a colourful and radiant smile

Find the shade that suits you and highlight your face with a colour that reflects your personality! Secretive, dazzling, glamorous, or discreet, our range of shades is designed to colour your smile with taste and character.

In addition, our products are enriched with plant-based vitamin E and nourishing active ingredients to hydrate your lips.

From discreet tones to bold colours, PHYT’S Organic lip makeup enhances your features with care and elegance. Explore our selection of Organic glosses and lipsticks for naturally seductive lips!

*with the exception of products containing beeswax (this is the only animal ingredient present in our products).