Are you looking for an Organic perfumed body mist to add a touch of elegance and freshness to your days? Discover our line of 100%-natural perfumes made from Organic ingredients. Our light and enchanting mists for him or her agree with all skin types, even the most sensitive, for a nice, soft, and refreshing scent.


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Organic Perfumed Mists

Our precious collection of Organic perfumes

PHYT’S Laboratories present their line of natural and Organic fragrances made of 100%-natural precious ingredients. For him or her, for the body, face, or hair, there is a moisturizing mist for every desire.

Our line includes two Organic perfumed mists :

  1. The Panacea Perfumed Moisturizing Mist, which captivates your senses with its delicate floral and fruity scent with powdery notes.
  2. The After-Shave Perfumed Mist, which refreshes, tones, hydrates, soothes and delicately perfumes the skin without ever irritating it.

Our natural perfumed mists can be sprayed in a light veil on both the face and body, as well as on the hair. They are thus subtly perfumed and hydrated. They support you on a daily basis, for life moments filled with softness.

How do I spray my Organic perfumed mist?

Apply a hint of perfume to the hollow of your neck or your wrists and enjoy the feeling of freshness. Moisturizing and refreshing, our high-quality Organic fragrances can also be sprayed everywhere on the chest and hair.

Our 100%-natural products are suitable for all skin types, including the most delicate.

You can also find our line of Organic body care products on our site.