PHYT’S Laboratories offer a full range of eye makeup accessories. Simplify your beauty routine thanks to our natural eye makeup brushes.

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Eye Makeup Accessories to enhance your look

Our natural cosmetics would be nothing without our makeup accessories, which let you apply them with precision. To maximize the effects and enhance your look with intensity :

  • Eyebrow Duo Brush : Specially designed to sculpt, fill out, and draw the eyebrows, this double-ended brush perfectly structures your look.
  • Foam Applicator Brush : This brush allows a precise application of the eyeshadows as well as a gentle fade.
  • Eye Shadow Brush : This brush is the essential tool for a well-crafted look. It ensures a perfect application of the eyeshadows, fades easily your makeup and lets you create beautiful shadings.
  • Pencil Sharpener : Designed for a perfect cut that’s not too pointy and not too round, this pencil sharpener prevents the lead from breaking and has a built-in tank, so you can use it anywhere.

To intensify your look and enhance your eyes, discover our range of eye makeup. Enrich your daily beauty ritual with our PHYT’S natural and Organic certified mascaras, eye shadows, eyebrow shadows, and eye makeup pencils.

PHYT’S Laboratories : your partner for natural beauty

With our eye makeup accessories, PHYT’S Laboratories offer you all the necessary tools to enhance your beauty naturally. Discover our full range of professional-quality Organic makeup to magnify your eyes with softness, respect and beauty.