Want to take care of yourself naturally? Our Organic men’s skin care products has been specially designed to meet the specific needs of men’s skin. PHYT’S Laboratories have designed targeted treatments full of natural, powerful and active natural ingredients. Thanks to their beneficial properties that soothe, moisturize, or refresh, PHYT’S products care for your skin sustainably and effectively.


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Organic ingredients, 100%-natural treatments for him

Moisturizing, toning, soothing, revitalizing, mattifying, smoothing… For every desire, there is an associated Organic beauty product for men! Our line of Organic cosmetics includes a wide selection of products tailored to all your needs for radiant skin :

  • Smooth cream for a gentle shaving, without razor burn
  • Cleansing and exfoliating products , to remove impurities and dead skin
  • Daily moisturizing treatments for all skin types, even the most sensitive
  • Organic anti-wrinkle cream, for an effective anti-aging and smoothing treatment

Our men’s cosmetic line includes specific beauty products to meet the needs of any skin. Purifying essential tea tree oil, toning ginseng, soothing and nourishing hemp seed oil… Our products are full of powerful, Organic and 100%-natural ingredients for hydrated, treated, and protected skin.

Which cosmetics for men to use?

With our Organic cosmetic line for men, create your complete Organic beauty routine.

Certified-Organic shaving cream

Make shaving easier with our ultra-comfortable certified-Organic shaving cream. Soothe your skin with our moisturizer dedicated to men. Then, finish your shaving routine with our scented moisturizing water to tone your skin, while offering it a feeling of freshness.

Face cleanser gel for men

For a flawless complexion, use our face cleansing gel in the morning and evening. Then, apply a small amount of mattifying cream, which is ideal for combination to oily skin.

Anti-wrinkle cream

For mature skin, consider our anti-wrinkle treatment, which is perfect for regenerating and smoothing the skin, thanks to key ingredients like shea butter or ginseng extract.

Discover all our professional Organic cosmetic products with natural plant-based treatments designed for the face, the body, and even the hair.