What Is the Difference Between a Day Cream and a Night Cream?

Woman applying a day and night cream in front of her mirror

Many people use the same moisturizing cream at night or in their morning skincare routine. During the day and at night, however, the skin doesn’t have the same needs. What is the difference between day creams and night creams? Their specific formulas, which allows them to meet specific needs at the right time.

To facilitate your skincare routine, we’ve designed day creams at PHYT’S that can be used both in the morning and at night.

The different needs of the skin

Protection, hydration, or regeneration… skincare products each target specific needs. Their textures and consistency as well as their benefits for skin cells can therefore be very different.

The day cream to protect

Whatever your skin type or skin texture, using a moisturizing cream each morning is essential to keep your skin hydrated. But that’s not the only benefit of this treatment! Unlike daytime moisturizers, the day cream also acts as a protective barrier to maintain healthy skin with a lightweight formula.

UV rays, pollution, wind, temperature… With these harmful environmental stressors, our vulnerable skin is put to the test! The day cream therefore contains protective and reparative ingredients and acts as a protective force to strengthen the lipid barrier of the epidermis to defend the skin against external aggressions.

With its light texture, it can also act as a good makeup foundation.

The night cream to regenerate

The difference between a day cream and a night cream therefore lies in their functions. With its composition highly concentrated in active and natural ingredients, the night cream participates in cell renewal during sleep. Indeed, it will give you long-lasting hydration for the whole night. 

The restorative action of night treatments therefore helps prevent and erase the signs of aging.

How to choose your day cream as well as your night cream

Whatever type of cream you use, you should always choose a product suited to your skin. Dry, combination, normal, mature, oily, or sensitive skin all have different needs.

Do you travel often and don’t want to take multiple products with you? Don’t have room in your budget to purchase two different creams? We’ve thought of you! Most PHYT’S creams are suitable for both day and night use.

Your moisturizing cream can also be chosen according to its specific action:

  • Anti-aging ingredients to fight the skin aging of mature skin such as the first appearance of wrinkles;
  • Anti-dark spots;
  • Radiance boost for a fresh, beautiful appearance and to prevent a dull complexion;
  • Fight against acne and the dilated pores of problematic skin types…

How to use your day cream and your night cream

There’s no difference between a day cream and a night cream in terms of their application. Your skincare routine must always start with a thorough cleansing of the skin (and makeup removal, if necessary).

In the morning and/or evening, on clean skin, use an aqueous serum before your moisturizing cream. The aqueous serum and its rich formula help target and effectively treat specific skin problems by complementing the action of the day and night cream.

Then, spread out a dollop of cream and gently massage the skin to allow the product to penetrate, using delicate gestures around the eye contour.

Is it possible to swap the creams?

The different actions of certain creams (protection against sun damage, hydration, etc.) as well as their textures make it preferable to apply them only in the morning or evening.

As for the vast majority of PHYT’S moisturizing creams, their versatility and active ingredients allow them to be used whenever you want, according to your beauty routine.

Now you know the difference between a day cream and a night cream. Discover our day creams and night creams designed for all skin types.

If you are wondering when to start using anti-aging skin care products on top of your cream, read our article dedicated to the topic.

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