PHYT’S Laboratories offer a range of Organic and natural makeup to enhance your eyes. Their Organic eye pencils will intensify your look and highlight your features.


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Natural and Organic Eyeliner Pencils

Discover our range of Organic eyeliner pencils

Our organic eyeliner pencils are available in different colors to satisfy all your desires. They are made of natural pigments and enriched with vegetal oils, butters, and waxes that are gentle on the eyes.

Our three intense and glamorous shades alternately enchant and hypnotize to offer you an infinitely more captivating look :

  • Enchanting Black Pencil
  • Enigmatic Brown Pencil
  • Rich Plum Pencil

You can use our Organic eye pencils in liner or kohl form. To draw the outline of the eye properly, to the edge of your eyelashes, start from the outer corner of the upper eyelid and apply it to two-thirds of its length. For the inner eyelid, stop at half its length. According to the desired intensity, you can fade the pencil line more or less.

In addition, discover our full range of eye makeup. To complement your kit and intensify your look, even more, we also offer you natural and Organic eyeliners and mascaras.

Our commitment to natural cosmetics

For 50 years, PHYT’S Laboratories have developed healthy cosmetics, certified-Organic and made of 100% natural ingredients,  to respect your skin. Discover our full range of professional-quality Organic makeup to enhance your skin with softness and beauty.