Are you looking for products to exfoliate your face and restore your skin’s natural softness? Discover the line of Organic and Vegan face exfoliating scrubs from PHYT’S Laboratories. Designed to take care of the skin with care and respect, our products are intended for all skin types.


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Organic facial exfoliating scrubs

Renew your skin's original radiance and softness

An exfoliating routine helps soften the skin by removing dead skin cells. It also effectively prepares the skin to absorb products subsequently applied. To let your skin breathe and preserve its radiance, we offer natural and gentle facial scrubs. Explore our selection of natural and Vegan facial scrubs :

  • Contact + Scrub : designed for all skin types, even the most sensitive, and eyes and lips!
  • Purifying Exfoliating Mask : 2 in 1, it absorbs sebum and purifies oily skin with acne tendencies, while exfoliating.
  • Unifying Scrub : from our White Bio-Active line, this gentle scrub unifies and brightens the complexion.

PHYT'S Organic face scrubs allow you to take care of your skin with gentleness and respect. We also offer a natural face scrub specially adapted for men.

PHYT'S : creator of professional quality, natural and Organic cosmetics

PHYT'S Laboratories are constantly looking for new solutions to reinvent beauty in a healthy and sustainable way. This is why all our products are certified Organic and composed of 100% natural ingredients. Choose a natural facial scrub that enhances your natural beauty and gives you the beneficial effects of plants.