Are you looking for natural, effective, professional-quality products to moisturize and pamper your body all day long? Discover the range of Organic moisturizing body care from PHYT’S Laboratories. Whatever your needs, our 100%-natural moisturizing body milks and creams are there to take care of your skin. Our products are developed with care to guarantee you an effective, lasting result throughout the day.


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Organic Moisturizing Body Care

Explore our range of natural, Organic moisturizing body care

Our range of Organic moisturizing body milks and creams consists of many products, which is ideal to suit all your skin’s needs.

Our Extreme Nutrition Body Cream provides intense softness and protection for dry to very dry skin, while our 24H Hydrating Body Fluid will delight all skin types, since it offers deep, effective and long-lasting hydration.

In addition, certain body parts require special care, which is why our line of Organic moisturizing body creams and restorative treatments also offers products for the hands and feet, as well as the most sensitive areas.

PHYT’S Laboratories : Organic and 100% natural cosmetics

PHYT’S Laboratories is committed to offering you natural, effective, professional-grade products. Our body treatments are Vegan*, certified-Organic, and made entirely from natural ingredients.

Explore our line of Organic moisturizers to gently and respectfully revitalize your skin.

* with the exception of products containing beeswax (this is the only ingredient of animal origin present in our products).