With 50 years of skin care experience, PHYT’S Laboratories offer you a full range of professional Organic skin care products. And since our skin plays a key role in protecting us from external aggressions, let’s treat it with a gentle, natural, and effective skin care ritual!


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Our Range of Organic Skin Care Products

100%-natural beauty products for all skin types

Completely plant-based and certified-Organic, our Vegan* face care products invite you to take care of your skin and celebrate your natural beauty! Thanks to our extensive knowledge of plants, we’ve developed products tailored for all skin types and needs.

Natural and Organic moisturizers, masks, serums, thermal waters, creams, exfoliants, makeup removers, or cleansers… to meet your skin’s needs in a lasting and effective way.

Our commitment: to create healthy and respectful cosmetics

PHYT’S develops much more than Organic and natural skin care products. We want to create respectful and sustainable beauty solutions, for both your skin and the environment.

That’s why we’re committed to creating Organic face care products with fair-trade raw materials that respect biodiversity and favour local production.

Treat yourself to natural skin care products for soft, protected, and naturally radiant skin!

*with the exception of products containing beeswax (this is the only ingredient of animal origin present in our products).