Want to highlight your eyes naturally? Melt for our 100% natural, Vegan, and Organic eyebrow shadows in soft colors suited to each hair color. Draw, structure, and enhance them discreetly with our products, which are, as always, not tested on animals.


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100% Natural and Organic Eyebrow Shadows

Natural eyebrow shadows to structure your look

Offer yourself an intensified, structured, and naturally highlighted look thanks to our line of Organic eyebrow shadows. Our Organic eyebrow powders and makeup products have been designed to :

  • Redraw the shape of the eyebrow
  • Densify and fill out the eyebrow
  • Naturally cover sparse areas
  • Intensify the color of the eyebrows

There is a color suited to each hair color. We have developed different shades to adapt to blond, chestnut, or brown eyebrows. The entire structure of the face therefore regains its character and defined features. You just have to find the color that fits you best!

How to apply your natural eyebrow makeup products?

For natural eyebrow makeup, equip yourself with the eyebrow duo brush and our Organic eyebrow makeup. With the brush tip, brush the eyebrows up toward the forehead. Then, gently brush the eyebrow toward the temples.

To maximize the hold of the product, if desired, use a gel-based eyebrow shadow primer. Finally, using the brush, take a bit of powder, then redraw the contours of the eyebrow, focusing on the sparse areas.

Once the eyebrow powder has been applied, if you wish, and to further awaken your look, discover our line of Organic eye makeup as well.