Every day, the skin needs to be hydrated and revitalized in-depth. That’s why our Organic massage oils and products are suited to all skin types, to wrap your body in softness. Discover our wide range of professional-quality massage products. Effective, certified-Organic cosmetics, made from 100%-natural ingredients.


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Natural & Organic Massage Products

Offer your skin a wellness ritual with an Organic massage oil

Our Organic massage products and oils combine vegetal and essential oils to hydrate and treat your skin in depth. Both relaxing, thanks to the lavender, and stimulating, thanks to the lemon and rosemary, the plant extracts are full of benefits for your skin.

Our Organic massage products are the perfect ally for the relaxation and well-being of your body and soul. They can be used after a shower or a bath, on part or all of your body, by massaging and making them seep into your skin.

Our professional-quality Organic massage oils can be used on a daily basis. For greater effectiveness, consider exfoliating your skin first with one of our different body scrubs, and apply then on still-damp skin.

Our PHYT’S commitment : natural beauty

PHYT’S Laboratories develop healthy products, certified-Organic, and made of 100%-natural ingredients to respect your skin and also the planet. Discover our full range of body treatments to give it all the gentleness and well-being it deserves!