Our skin is often attacked by wind, cold, pollution, the clothes we wear… so it’s important to clean and deeply exfoliate it with an Organic body scrub in order to get rid of its impurities and dead cells. Are you looking for products to exfoliate your skin and restore its natural softness? Discover the line of Organic and Vegan* body scrubs and exfoliants from PHYT’S Laboratories.

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Natural Body Scrubs and Exfoliants

Create a wellness routine with an Organic body scrub

An exfoliation routine lets you soften your skin by removing dead cells. It’s a wellness ritual that helps the skin to regenerate and absorb the moisturizing treatments applied afterward. An Organic and natural body scrub helps clean your skin deeply, without attacking it, to make it soft and beautiful again.

Discover our range of Organic, natural, Vegan* body scrubs and exfoliants :

  • Body Scrub : This Organic cleansing and exfoliating foaming gel can be used in the shower to gently remove dead cells and impurities while respecting your skin.
  • Exfoliating Soap : This Organic soap made from bamboo and apricot crystals turns into a daily ritual under the water that delicately exfoliates, cleanses, and wakes up the skin.
  • Coconut Body Scrub : Featuring a unique texture that combines softening precious oil and real coconut chips, this exfoliant makes the skin soft and places a silky, delicately scented veil over it.

Our commitment : to develop healthy products for natural beauty

At PHYT’S, our body treatments are designed to take care of your skin gently and respectfully and are suitable for all skin types. All our products are certified-Organic and made from 100%-natural ingredients.

*with the exception of products containing beeswax (this is the only ingredient of animal origin present in our products).