“Organic” versus “natural” cosmetics: what differences?

“Organic” versus “natural” cosmetics: what differences?

Not always easy to decrypt labels to make the right choices in cosmetics … but so important, first of all for your beauty and your health!

If the “fashion” of the natural pushes all the brands to develop products with marketing codes evoking the plants, the “green”, in short the naturalness, let there be no mistake: reading the list of ingredients sometimes reveals something else…

The criteria of organic cosmetics are binding, for a good cause

First reflex to have: look for the Cosmébio label on the packaging of your hygiene and care products! Cosmetics that do not display this label self-determine as being natural, without any control by an approved certification body.

Organic cosmetics must meet many additional criteria compared to conventional cosmetics: the number of authorized and validated ingredients in organic cosmetics is limited (for example synthetic perfumes, very covering on the formulas, are prohibited, most chemical preservatives are excluded), organic percentages on finished products must be respected, the production method limits environmental pollution … Important constraints, but which are amply justified for who cares about the health of women … and the planet .
Remember these main key figures. Cosmetics labeled Cosmebio must comply with:

  • 95% minimum of ingredients of natural origin on the total of the ingredients contained in the formula;
  • 95% minimum of ingredients from organic farming among the “plant” ingredients of the formula.

Organic cosmetics, effective and pleasant: a challenge taken up by Phyt’s Laboratories

As for the Phyt’s Laboratory, they decided to go even further, by imposing 100% natural origin on the vast majority of their products, and this, from the very beginning (48 years ago! ).
It is, therefore, necessary to succeed in achieving natural self-preservation of the product without the addition of synthetic preservatives. A difficulty that is all the more significant than Phyt’s has been imposing itself, for a long time, in addition to this requirement of naturalness, a requirement of quality and efficiency for its cosmetics. Phyt’s products are not content to be organic products that respect the environment: our objective is towards textures, sensoriality and efficiency, as demonstrated by tests. Organic quality is, after all, an obvious preamble that is added to this research.

Phyt’s Laboratories have always chosen natural cosmetics, certified organic, without ever neglecting the effectiveness of the formulas developed or the quality of the textures and odors.

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