How Can I Moisturize My Dry Skin Naturally?

Une femme fermant les yeux et qui sait comment hydrater sa peau sèche

It tugs and tingles, it might be cracked and cause itching… dry skin can be recognized by these typical symptoms. Very sensitive, this skin type needs nourishing and comforting care every day! However, be careful not to confuse dry skin with dehydrated skin.

Today, we offer you a few tips to learn how to differentiate them. We also explain how to moisturize very dry skin to regain lasting suppleness, softness and comfort.

How to recognize dry or dehydrated skin?

Of genetic origin or related to environmental factors and lifestyle habits, dry skin can be recognized both by its appearance and by the often-unpleasant sensations that it causes.

Among the symptoms of dry and sensitive skin are :

  • Itching;
  • Tugging or tingling;
  • Discomfort or irritation;
  • Burning sensation;
  • Cracking and fine lines;
  • Redness;
  • Roughness;
  • Flaky skin.

Very dry skin can therefore be rough and lack suppleness. To regain comfort, it is therefore necessary to understand how to hydrate very dry skin and—above all—which nourishing treatments to use and in which order.

Why is my skin dry?

The skin has a natural protective layer called the cutaneous barrier. This barrier is made up of two essential elements for the preservation of the epidermis : water and lipids. This is what is known as the hydrolipidic barrier.

While certain skin types such as acne-prone skin suffer from excess sebum, dry skin is sorely lacking in it! This sebum production deficit explains its lack of suppleness and makes it particularly vulnerable to external aggressions.

The cause of dry skin can be simply due to skin aging or a medical condition. Taking certain medications or using overly aggressive products and soaps on your body or facial skin may also explain why the protective barrier is temporarily weakened.

If this is due to external rather than genetic factors or specific skin conditions, it will be even faster and easier to provide comfort to the skin and avoid further damage.

What are the steps to moisturize a dry skin type naturally?

Normal, combination, oily, dry skin… Each skin type needs a treatment suited to its unique features to shine! Find out how to moisturize very dry skin naturally and restore the skin barrier.

Step 1 — Cleanse the skin

Properly removing makeup and cleansing the skin is an essential step in preparing the skin to receive treatments.

Dry skin is also sensitive, so always choose a gentle cleanser to regain healthy skin without the risk of damaging the lipid barrier with harsh soaps.

To remove makeup residue while nourishing the skin, choose, for example, a makeup remover jelly or a cleansing milk with natural ingredients.

For a good routine and fresh skin, use a toner or a micellar water with softening or moisturizing action in the morning and evening.

Step 2 — How to moisturize dry skin : focus on nourishing treatments?

In the morning and evening, choose a natural moisturizer. Your skin care routine can be simple and consist of the application of a nourishing day and night cream as a regular application.

It can also be more elaborate with the use of an anti-aging eye contour and a moisturizing serum for dehydrated skin to be applied just before a rich cream, for example. An ideal treatment to get a soft epidermis and create a moisturized and healthy skin barrier.

The important thing to remember with a skin care routine is to remain regular with the application of gentle products and—above all—products suitable for dry skin.

Step 3 — Apply specific treatments

To regain soft, comfortable skin, use nourishing and comforting masks that are specially designed for dry to very dry skin once or twice a week.

Vegetable oil concentrates can also be used as a nourishing treatment for the skin of the face and body. On the face, it is best to use them in the evening.

Now you know how to moisturize dry skin and prevent skin dryness on a daily basis. Discover our complete Phyt’ssima Extreme Nutrition line with 100% natural active ingredients and create a skin care routine in your image. Choose from our moisturizing creams, light or thicker moisturizers, and other vegan skin care products.

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