Eager to offer you high quality and out of respect to your skin and the environment, PHYT’S has developed a full range of make-up products of natural origin, the first completely certified Organic.

PHYT’S Organic Make-Up goes beyond the minimum standards and always opts for a maximum of ingredients from Organic Farming :

Nourishing* and protective vegetal butters, waxes, and oils,
Anti-aging vegetal vitamin E,
Active Organic plant extracts and essential oils,
Mineral pigments for a palette of natural colours.

PHYT’S Organic Make-Up offers you a wide range of shades for infinite makeup variations!

Discover our complete make-up line. For the complexion, our concealers, foundations, tinted creams, blushes and powders illuminate your face. For the eyes, our mascaras, eye-liners, pencils and eyeshadows bring out the look. Then for the mouth, our lipsticks and gloss sublimate and hydrate for defined and luscious lips.

NO Paraben, NO Phenoxyethanol, NO PEG, NO Silicone, NO Synthetic Pigments, NO Synthetic Fragrances.

* via hydration

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